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Human centered robotic Process Automation

By applying Digital Technologies such as I-IoT, Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain to an end to end industrial value chain, Human centered robotic Process Automation augments human capabilities of the industrial information worker and frees the business from repetitive tasks. Wherever people and technology intersect, your people are empowered to be more productive, innovative and strategic.

Exponential opportunities arise for gaining productivity, improving quality, saving costs, reducing errors, increasing scalability and sharpening compliance only, if the organization fosters a cultural change toward innovation and redesigns operating models and business cases.

The concept of ERGONOMIXX - Human centered robotic Process Automation provides all needed complementary elements: Digital TouchPoint, Digital Process Twin, Augmented Workplace

ERGONOMIXX Human centered robotic Process Automation

Digital Touch-Point

Digitaler TouchPoint

1.) Digital Touch-Point

Analogue Touch-Points become Digital-Touch-Points - ERGONOMIXX catalogue of smart SAP UI5-appliacations along the Supply Chain
Problemstellung ERGONOMIXX

The Problem

  • Postings to the SAP-system are mostly executed by dedicated employees in fact ex post Shop-floor workers
  • Shop floor employees shy away from working directly with the SAP system, as surfaces are naturally very complex
  • Process-relevant information from outside the SAP ERP reaches the clerk via different ways, different media and never in real time
  • Process-relevant information is distributed across different media (third-party systems, Excel, measurement data, QM systems, etc.)
  • Workflows have touch points on different IT systems and applications


  • SAP ERP can not adequately support the actual process flow at the analog TouchPoints
  • Posting booths often do not match as they are posted ex post and not in real time
  • Process-relevant information is not always available at the time when process-related employees have to make operational decisions
  • Workflows are interrupted
  • Multiple entries are required, sources of error arise
  • Information relevant to the Process is lost

The Solution

Ergonomixx Micro-Apps are applied directly by the information worker and have the following characteristics:
  • SAP ERP UI-forms in single dedicated micro-apps
  • User interface independent of devices used & according to SAP Fiori guidelines
  • Maximum minimal scope of semantnic information
  • Context-sensitive preset
  • Sensors & Actuators connection of peripheral systems in production & logistics
  • Device capabilities like sensors are integrated

Augmented Workplace

Digitaler TouchPoint

2.) Augmented Workplace - Human centered robotic Process Automation

The human-centered robotic process automation process extends the capabilities of the industrial information worker and frees him from recurring tasks


integration of the cyber-physical sphere via IoT measurement sensors from all stages along the value chain

Equipment Data Acquisition

Machine data becomes context sensitive through access to machine control and redundant IoT sensors

Process Data Acquisition

Direct posting of aggregated operating data against SAP ERP possible

Embedded Artificial Intelligence

Embedded Artificial Intelligence leverages the Digital Twin's existing data pool to help employees with their work and decisions, and take on repetitive tasks, all the way to full automation of the Digital TouchPoint
Augmented Workplace

Tracking & Tracing

A tracking & tracing engine provides access to structured databases along the value chain

Application Integration

Zero Footprint Access to SAP ERP with integration of third-party systems such as MES, LIMS, Warehouse Management, etc

Augmented Reality

The creation of an augmented reality layer and an intuitive interface in accordance with the SAP UI5 Guidelines enable easy use by the user

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

These AI functions support a continuous improvement process in the process flows and the optimal use of existing data

Digital Process Twin

Digitaler TouchPoint

3.) Digital Process Twin - Foundation and Subject to the Process of Digital Transformation

With the concept of the Digital Process Twin, we create a digital image of the entire value chain as far as possible, ie from the productive pre-stage through all production steps, the logistics chain, the trade channels to the point of consumption by the end user. Thus, the Digital Twin is at the same time subject and basis of the digital transformation as well as all applied digital technologies

Digital Core

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning systems map all internal processes as well as related resources, they represent the actual core of a digital twins to be set up. A consistent database is an absolute prerequisite, whereby the ERP guarantees the so-called "Single Source of Truth".
Digital Touch Point

Digital Touch-Point

With the help of the ERGONOMIXX apps, all analogue input interfaces can be digitized into the ERP system. This ensures that all data in the ERP is recorded in real time and correctly. Digitization efforts must begin by eliminating all existing analog touch points.

3rd Party Application Integration

The integration of third party applications along the value chain can be done using the ERGONOMIXX Digital Touch Points. Data from this is therefore congruent with the data in the ERP and thus completes the data.
Tracking & Tracing

Tracking & Tracing

In order to be able to correlate all the data created along the value chain with one another, the most granular tracking and tracing concept is required. This can be done within the ERP within the company. Blockchain services are used for cross-company tracing from the preliminary stages and the downstream processes.
Maschinendaten und IoT-Anbindung

Equipment Data IoT Connectivity

The integration of the cyber-physical sphere, ie of equipment data and IoT sensor data along the entire value chain, allows a depiction of the real processes from the original creation of a product to its marketing and use by the end user.
Augmented Workplace

Augmented Workplace

The concept of ERGONOMIXX Augmented Workplace enables Human-centered robotic Process Automation that extends the capabilities of the industrial information worker and frees him from recurring tasks.
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